The Cainites and Sethites

In the beginning, Cain killed his brother Abel. When Cain lied to God about the first murder, God put a curse upon Cain and gave him a mark to remind Cain about the lie he told. Thereafter, Cain has been cursed to wander the earth. When Cain had children, some of them bore the mark of Cain.

When they died, they did not die. Instead they rose from the grave after three days and became known as the undead. The undead had become known as Vampires and the living descendants of Cain became known as Dhampyres. Together, they became known as the Cainites.

Later when Cain wandered the world, he became lonely and craved companionship. So he created the first cursed vampire. These vampires were descendants of his brother Seth. They did not bear the Mark of Cain. They were not as strong as the Cainites and were dubbed the Sethites. The Sethites or Cursed vampires are still in existence today, lurking in the shadows stealing the blood of humans when they can.

The Cainites fared much better than their cursed cousins. Ten families were formed and spread out across the world to build an empire. Today, there are only seven families left and hold much of the wealth in the world.

Vampires are only viewed as legend in the eyes of the general populace of the world. But for how long?

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