Tirnanogue is the realm of the Fae. It is a multiverse connected to our own and looks very much like ours without all the technological wonders of the world. The Fae created this world when they left ours so they would never have to see technology ruin Gaea, the Mother Earth.

This world of Fae is a very vivid world with the colors more like pastel colors. It never rains there. But it does snow in the Unseelie Sidhe domain. It’s either eternal day (Seelie Sidhe) or eternal dusk (Unseelie Sidhe).

Each part of Tirnanogue is mostly a reflection of the mortal realm and its respective Sidhe court. In the Seelie realms, everything is either Summer or Spring. In the Unseelie realms, it’s always winter and full of ice.

Wandering the lands of Tirnanogue is normally very dangerous if you are not Fae and familiar with the area you are in. Many areas of the Sidhe are undiscovered not because no one tries to map it, but because adventurers (including Fae) do not come back alive.

Tirnanogue is bound to earth at many places and can accidentally be found. We’ve all heard the stories of wondrous places after entering a cavern or walking underneath a waterfall. Perhaps even falling into a rabbit hole or through a mirror. Many a planewalker has used Tirnanogue as a starting point to other realms.

A part of the Veil called The Ways are also used to travel to the realm of the Fae. Entrances to The Ways can be found and made by magic and is often attached to objects like mirrors or everyday things like music boxes and even a specific area of a wall or bookshelf. Mirrors especially are used as doorways to the Ways. Sometimes you may look real hard in a mirror and look beyond your reflection and if your mirror is a part of the Ways, you will see the mirror start to shimmer. Of course if you’re not careful, someone else could be looking back at you too.

The Fae created the Ways as a way to return to the mortal realm, as they conduct much business here.

If you wish to travel to Tirnanogue, just know there are consequences. Traveling to the land of the Sidhe is never recommenced. If you go there, and you’re not a Sidhe, just be ready for anything. In Tirnanogue, who knows what could happen.

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