About Y Karakawa

I write about vampires, werewolves, and nightmares (oh my!)

The Wolves

The only light in the kitchen came from the refrigerator as he opened the door, looking around for something to eat. Tony hummed to himself as the cool air fell across the kitchen floor. He was restless tonight. Not only was it a full moon, but tomorrow was his first day on the new job. He didn’t want to mess this one up. He received the news last week he had been chosen as the new help in a nearby shelter. Living on a wilderness reservation was going to take some getting used to.

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The omnipresent principle

If God is omnipresent then God transcends all reality. Although God declares that man must worship no other god, all the other gods are God. Because of God’s omnipresence, God can be all the gods in a pantheon. For example, God is Odin as well as Thor. There is a separate distinction in the Norse mythology. However, because God is omnipresent, God can easily be both Odin and Thor.

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The (un)told story of Cricket

She was happy. Her boyfriend had finally proposed to her. They had been seeing each other for over five years. It was about time, she thought.

She walked down the street admiring her 2 carat ring, something her boyfriend shouldn’t really be able to afford. But there it was. In her revelry, she hadn’t been paying any attention when she ran into a man. Apologizing for her clumsiness, she didn’t notice the man dropping something into her purse. He hurried off. She felt annoyed at the man’s inattention to her apology. She thought there were too many people who could use a lesson in politeness.

Already forgotten, Cricket kept on walking down the street, oblivious to everything that just happened. She was just happy to be engaged. She fished her cell phone out of her pocket and called Sheila.  She asked her best friend to meet her for some shopping, as she had some great new to tell her. She told her to hurry and that she was already in the shopping district so she should meet her at the Chinese market they always went to. Now that her day was planned out, she started walking faster towards the market.

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