Creepy houses

When I was young, we moved into this old creepy house. I say it was creepy because it still had stuff from prior tenants who must have rented there before us. Plus, they didn’t do a great job of cleaning.

I wondered how old the house was, and my 15 year old self just decided it must be like one of those 100 year old houses you’d find in New England. Nevermind that we didn’t live in New England but in New Jersey. Plus the house was built in 1974.

My sister and I had bedrooms that were across from the other on the second floor so you could see each other’s rooms from our doors. In between us, were the stairs downstairs, running perpendicular to the hallway between us.

Immediately my imagination took over and the house was also haunted. This was mainly due to the fact that at night, I’d hear strange sounds, including the creaking of the floor right outside my bedroom.

Often I’d hear the floor creaking on my side of the hallway and think it was someone coming upstairs from the stairs. But the stairs nevercreaked and the floor on my sisters side never did either.

But almost every night we lived in that house, I’d hear the footsteps and creaking just outside my door.

Nothing ever did come from that, and I never got a visitation in the middle of the night. But that house was seriously creepy.